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Go Task Reminder


The Goal

Create a Task Reminder application that will:

  • Take a JSON file as input (directly or indirectly)
  • Load JSON file into a task struct
  • For each task in the JSON file, run a go routine

Of course, handle all the errors that are involved with this:

  • JSON Errors
  • Too large of numbers
  • etc

JSON Structure

The JSON structure should look like this:

        "taskname": "Example Task",
        "taskdesc": "",
        "interval": 100,
        "cmd": "ls | wc -l" ,
        "icon": ""

        "taskname": "Second Example",
        "taskdesc": "catlol",
        "interval": 15,
        "cmd": "",
        "icon": "./assets/catlol.jpg"


  • Create sample config
  • check these two locations for a config:
    • /home/user/.config/rem/tasks.json
    • /home/user/go/src/rem/tasks.json
  • More!